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4 Ways To Improve Your Emails Click-Through Rate
Written by Nicky George on October 18, 2021

4 Ways To Improve Your Emails Click-Through Rate

When you have a new service or product in whichever industry, it’s understandable to market it via email. You send in the emails to your monthly subscriber list and hope that conversion happens and revenue comes in. However, this doesn’t happen. Your emails click-through rate is below average and you wonder why. At SalesHawk, we provide different ways to improve your emails click-through rate in your email marketing campaigns.

Customer Reviews

When you know your customers love a particular product, the best way to improve your emails click-through rate is to put up all your customer reviews! This is because it’s a very strong social proof to your prospects that your products and services are tested and proven. People, in general, need to know that something works and customer reviews improve your emails click-through rate by sending that message to your prospects. It’s one thing when your business is persuading your customers that your products work but it’s another when other customers communicate that to your prospects indirectly. This will drive prospects to click on your emails.

Usage Numbers

One of the ways to improve the emails click-through rate is to use usage numbers in your emails. This is because people do not like the feeling of being left out, with the buzzword Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) being a real thing. People like to embark on opportunities and do what other people are doing in order to feel included. If you want to increase your emails click-through rate, you may want to make use of customer usage numbers to further drive that point across. Usage numbers are also a very good form of social proof as it communicates to your prospects that many people are using your products and services. This will compel people to click on your emails.

Industry Prizes or Award Mentions

A trophy signifies success and victory. The same goes for award mention or prizes. One way to improve your emails click-through rate is to showcase any industry prizes or award mentions. By painting your business as a very successful company, people will have a higher chance of clicking through your email. People innately want to understand why your company is so successful the way it is and emulate them. This is also known as the Halo Effect. As a psychological way to drive emails click-through rates, it’s essential you showcase your awards.

Press Release

When you have positive product releases on the press, you are in luck! One way to increase your emails click-through rate is to feature your product reviews on industry websites or news websites. By having authoritative platforms review your product, it gives people a sense of credibility and trust. People, in general, follow authoritative platforms to get an idea of what’s good and what’s not. Hence, featuring your press releases is helpful to drive emails click-through rates.

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