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5 Tactics Employed In Email Marketing Integration
Written by Nicky George on October 25, 2021

5 Tactics Employed In Email Marketing Integration

Many digital marketing methods may not have guaranteed results as it’s highly probabilistic. For example, you can work on your Google search rankings but ultimately, it’s the search engine that decides the search algorithm. However, email marketing is different. When you employ email marketing integration across different industries, you have greater control over your digital marketing results. Email marketing integration involves including email campaigns into your digital marketing strategy. It has proven to have a good return on investment. However, email marketing integration is meant to work together with other digital marketing tools. At SalesHawk, we share with you some tactics you can use in email marketing integration.

Sync Email Marketing Calendars with Social Media Calendars

As email marketing integration combines with the effects of other social media platforms, it is essential to sync your email marketing calendar with social media marketing calendars. This way, they can work in a synergistic manner with a synchronized calendar as everyone is aware of the agenda and objective of each platform without the possibility of conflict.

Use Social Media Platforms to Boost Email List

One great tactic you can use is to use your current social media followers to become your email subscribers. One way to use this in email marketing integration is to push your social media fan base to subscribe to your newsletters. By doing that, you can keep them updated on the latest products and direct them to your company product page. By seeing the same product over time, they will have a higher chance of purchasing it using email marketing integration.

Check-in on Your Subscribers

Social media platforms give you the opportunity to understand your audience’s behavior on their feeds. By knowing what clicks with them, you will be able to generate the right email content in email marketing integration. Using these insights also enable you to design better products that are more relevant to their needs and preferences.

Using Social Media Advertisements for Lead Generation

Social media platforms like Facebook provide the avenue for businesses to put up advertisements for lead generation purposes. This means that you have the chance of getting their emails and use it for email marketing integration. Conversion rates are usually higher when social media advertisements work together with email marketing integration. There are many social media platforms, such as Twitter and TikTok for you to generate leads for email marketing integration.

Launching Social Media Contests

By using contests and giveaways, you create more opportunities for email marketing integration and create engagement. This requires the appropriate combination of prizes, messages, and call-to-action (CTA) in your email marketing integration. For example, using email marketing integration to send out newsletters for your subscribers to win the contests will help to boost engagement. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity on social media so make sure you use email marketing integration to your advantage!

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