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A Step-by-Step Guide To Use LinkedIn For Businesses
Written by Nicky George on September 10, 2021

A Step-by-Step Guide To Use LinkedIn For Businesses

Chances are, your business is already on LinkedIn. For the businesses that are not, there’s no need to delay: get started by creating an account right now. If you already have a LinkedIn for your business, can you say with certainty that it’s working for you? And if not, what can you do to make it better? In this article, we share a useful step-by-step guide to use LinkedIn for businesses. 

Complete Your Page

When first creating your LinkedIn page, you will be prompted to enter lots of basic information about your business as well as add a logo. You may have skipped some of these steps at the start, but it’s important to ensure your page is as informative as possible. Business pages with logos receive six times as many views as those without, which should tell you a lot about how you choose to present your page!

Add as Much Information as Possible

Once you have filled in all the basic fields, it’s time to fluff up your page. Add an interesting company description outlining your core values, mission and goals. Keep this short and succinct and be sure to include some SEO keywords. You will also want to consider adding up to three hashtags to make your business more searchable. If your business has overseas offices or operates internationally, you can choose to translate and display the information on your page in numerous other languages. 

Build Connections and Credibility 

Now that you have everything ready on your LinkedIn page, it’s time to get the word out. Firstly, invite employees to connect as well as update their personal pages stating that they work for you. Next, ensure that your customers know about your LinkedIn page by promoting it on your website, other social media accounts and marketing campaigns. You can also invite connections to follow your page. The more connections your page gets, the better your credibility will be.

Use LinkedIn As A Marketing Platform

When your page is up and running, you can start thinking about how you can use LinkedIn as a marketing platform. What pieces of content are likely to be well received by your followers, who are all professionals in their own right? Are you planning to use LinkedIn to generate more qualified leads, attract talent, or grow brand awareness? Depending on your individual goals and needs, come up with a marketing strategy that will work.

Use LinkedIn to Boost Your Business with SalesHawk

If you are looking to grow your business through LinkedIn, our team at SalesHawk is perfectly positioned to assist you. We are experts at describing your product or service in a way that captures attention from the right people and making use of AI to get the message. Over the years, our 3 step process has been successful in helping hundreds of businesses identify and approach their target market with pinpoint precision and we can help you, too. Please feel free to browse our website for more information about us.

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