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Four B2B Email Marketing Practices To Increase Your Sales
Written by Nicky George on July 30, 2021

Four B2B Email Marketing Practices To Increase Your Sales

Many businesses make the mistake of using the same email marketing strategy on both B2B and B2C customers. While there are several tactics that can overlap, B2B customers should not be receiving the same marketing content as B2C customers, simply because they have different needs. When you realize the difference between B2B email marketing practices and those for B2C, you will start to see an increase in your sales. 

Identify Which Group Customers Belong To

You may be thinking that it’s almost impossible to determine if a customer is an individual or business client based on your visitor data. While that is true, there’s a very obvious way you can solve this problem. When a customer lands on your page, launch a pop up that allows them to choose whether they are here for “business” or “pleasure”. When they have selected the appropriate option, redirect them to a page that has been catered to their needs.  

Segment Emails Accordingly 

Needless to say, B2B and B2C customers have vastly different needs. For an email marketing campaign to really hit home, you will need to segment your emails accordingly.. For instance, the bulk of B2C customers will not be looking to purchase in bulk whereas many B2B customers will be. Both groups of customers will also have different sets of problems that need resolving. B2C customers may be looking for an easy and convenient way of shopping for their Halloween candy in one place, whereas B2B clients would be concerned about meeting demand during the festive season. 

Know What Your B2B Customers Want

This is an obvious that applies to both B2B and B2C customers. However, while it’s simple enough to identify what B2C customers want, it may not be the case for B2B customers. Every email you send out should have an enticing subject line that strikes at the heart of what your customer needs. The trick to doing this is to build curiosity on one hand and to get buyers to convert on the other.

Adapt Your Email Copy to Be Informative and Profit-Based

What’s the biggest difference between what a B2C customer wants and what a B2B client wants? That’s right: a B2B client is looking to turn a profit and a B2C customer is simply looking for a product or service they want at the best possible price. That’s why having the same email marketing strategy for both groups never work. B2B email copies should always be informative and profit-based. 

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