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Four Creative Ways To Combine Social Media And Email Marketing For Better Branding
Written by Nicky George on August 20, 2021

Four Creative Ways To Combine Social Media And Email Marketing For Better Branding

Today, both social media and email marketing are effective strategies that have their place in a comprehensive campaign. However, to truly diminish the weaknesses of each and play on their strengths, combining the two can result in much better branding than you can achieve with each separately. In this article, we share with you some creative ways of combining social media and email marketing to great effect.

Reuse Content

We all know that creating content is a time-consuming and laborious process. When you create one set of content that can be used both on social media and in your email marketing, you are saving time and cutting down on costs. For instance, an infographic you post on your social media page can be circulated to subscribers directly via email. 

Add Your Social Media Pages to Emails

An excellent way of getting your email subscribers to follow your social media accounts is to include your pages at the end of each email. This takes little to no effort and subscribers do not have to go out of their way to track you down on social media if they wish to. On top of that, since you already know your subscribers are interested in your content, they are the ideal following you want on your social media pages. 

Conduct Giveaways in Exchange for Emails

Just like you can promote your social media pages through email, the opposite can be done. In exchange for a chance in a giveaway, a discount code or a freebie, you can ask followers on your social media pages to enter their email address and sign up for your mailing list. When your followers see a tangible benefit to be gained for doing little, you will be surprised at the number of new subscribers to your email marketing list. 

Show Screenshots and Excerpts from Social Media in Your Email

We have all done it before: looked up reviews on a product or service before deciding to convert. Your customers will do the same. Chances are, you have some customer reviews on your social media pages. By making use of them in your email marketing, such as including excerpts or screenshots of these reviews, you can subtly encourage your subscribers to convert by providing them with the proof they need that your brand is trustworthy.

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