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The most powerful tools you can have in your business is knowledge.
Coupling AI data with human strategy makes Sales Hawk the secret weapon you've been waiting for.
Your sales team need to be focused on closing more deals.

Here’s how we do that:

Experience the highest open rate on emails and LinkedIn messages you’ve ever seen.
Receive qualified leads into your pipeline automatically.
Scale your sales team without hiring and training new SDR’s.
Cold outreach is demoralizing. Boost team morale by letting us do it.
Give your sales team the time to be laser focused on what they do best.
Machine learning and testing, done for you. You receive the results without investing in expensive software or dev teams of your own.
Have budget leftover to increase the sales team size and add more sales training.

What sets us apart?

We believe that AI, automation and machine learning are the future for business growth. That doesn’t mean remove the wisdom that’s come from years of strategically growing sales teams to hit multi-million dollar goals.

We combined our backend AI software with our industry knowledge and personalized approach.

Your business has its individual needs dependent ding on its current size, product offering, and revenue goals. At different levels of scale, you will need different levels of data, support, user testing, experimenting and feedback loops. While we rely on our AI technology and machine learning to deliver that data and the results, our services begins with a personal strategy session that ensures we build the right outreach campaign for your business goals. As you grow and evolve, our team evolves with you.

Results you can expect:

40-80% open rates on emails
1-5% reply rates
100-2000X% ROI
Machine learning data you can use
15-30 qualified sales opportunities month, without lifting a finger. We can double scale to whatever you need. Overnight.
Private dashboard with access to all you campaign learnings, tests, and iterations.

How we Hunt for Your Next Leads:

  • Strategy call (time best.)
  • Technical onboarding with our dev team
  • Copy writers write amazing copy
  • Campaign gets built and launched
  • First results received by team
  • Dashboard with data
  • Test and iterate, human and machine learning applied
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