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How AI Is Transforming Lead Generation
Written by Nicky George on November 8, 2021

How AI Is Transforming Lead Generation

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it further drove digitalization across various industries. As people are going online more, the need for more advanced technology to further engage them is imperative. Artificial intelligence (AI) is seen as the shining beacon of growing technology. AI is transforming lead generation in a way that is new and powerful. Here are some ways of how AI is transforming lead generation.

More Effective Than Humans

It can be counter-intuitive to believe this but AI is transforming lead generation in massive ways. Businesses are seeing more traffic coming into their websites due to the use of AI. AI is also known to help close sales, which leads to higher revenue and engagement. This is because AI is cheaper than hiring manpower while being less time-consuming too. Its effectiveness far outweighs the human ability to conduct lead generation.

Highly Nurturing

Many people do not buy something on their first visit to a store or website.  Marketers know that the average prospect will purchase something from your website only after viewing it a couple of times. This is where AI transforms lead generation: AI enables a high level of lead nurturing. By contacting leads with more information and follow-up prompts, it elevates the lead generation experience by guiding the prospect to purchase the product. AI transforms lead generation by giving a personal touch. Research has also shown that people are willing to get special offers or coupons through an AI platform. This is possible because AI transforms lead generation by sending the appropriate offer at the relevant time. This helps provide customer retention through a high level of lead nurturing. It helps also that AI platforms can reply quickly compared to humans.

Prospect’s Data

Another way AI is transforming lead generation is by collecting prospect data. The data of prospects give lead generators more insights into how they function and how to better engage customers. For example, an AI platform can collect prospect data and learn how to engage with them.  By collecting the prospect’s data, AI transforms lead generation by offering other suggestions to further engage customers.

Productive Engagement

AI transforms lead generation by helping provide helpful product recommendations. This is beneficial and possible as AI platforms are constantly learning customers’ behaviors. By learning customers’ browsing history, companies can keep track of how to better engage customers. This provides a more granular form of target marketing by segmenting their products according to certain demographics. This makes customer engagement more productive and meaningful.

Customer Service

AI transforms lead generation by providing better customer support. This is because humans can be slow to reply and service someone who may have an inquiry. Companies with AI platforms will not need to hire so many people as well, as an AI platform can simultaneously handle the queries of multiple customers at the same time.

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