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How Using AI For Lead Generation Can Save You Money
Written by Nicky George on November 15, 2021

How Using AI For Lead Generation Can Save You Money

It is essential for companies from different industries to always keep up to date with advanced technology to make their work more productive. This means that traditional methods of lead generation will have to make way for newer technologies for the future. Currently, one of the newer technologies used for lead generation is artificial intelligence (AI). At SalesHawk, we show you how AI lead generation can help your company save money.

Data Collection

When companies are using AI lead generation, one of the key benefits is robust data collection. Previously, data collection is manual and highly time-consuming. It’s also more prone to errors. One wrong number or letter can ruin the lead generation process and make your company look unprofessional. With AI lead generation, you can save money by reducing manpower and relying on AI. AI lead generation offers data collection that is robust and accurate. Some of the data collection during AI lead generation includes information like behaviors, lifestyle choices, and so on. Using this kind of data collection for AI lead generation enables you to profit from the next benefit, which is high-level personalization. You do not just save money, but you buy value too.

High-Level Personalization

Another benefit of AI lead generation is high-level personalization. This is important as traditional lead generation is usually targeted to the mass markets as a form of “blanket marketing”. This makes the lead generation process highly sterile and agenda-driven. However, high-level personalization from AI lead generation helps to bridge the gap between the company and customers, such as personalized emails. You can save money with AI lead generation as you do not need to hire someone else to engage individual customers. By tailoring the message to the customer’s individual preferences and personal details, it makes the message more palatable. AI lead generation provides a more granular kind of marketing process with a high level of personalization, hence saving money by having a lean team.

Consistency in Results

AI lead generation provides a way for the system to learn the behavior of customers and tailor the message accordingly. This provides a higher level of consistency that is personalized to the customers as the system has a set way of responding to the customers as it has “memorized” the way it should respond. You can save money as you do not need to send your employees for training classes as AI lead generation helps you get consistency. This is important as inconsistency in the marketing message is the result of human error. This error can cost the company lots of money as you will need to troubleshoot by having a PR team, which further drives up company costs. By using AI lead generation, you can eliminate human error and have an optimal marketing message and save lots of money.

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