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The Power Of LinkedIn As An Outbound Strategy Channel
Written by Nicky George on November 22, 2021

The Power Of LinkedIn As An Outbound Strategy Channel

Many businesses of various industries often emphasize on inbound selling as compared to an outbound strategy. However, it is essential to know that outbound sales are crucial for any kind of sales strategy for lead generation. Outward strategies help businesses to go out and find opportunities to do business. It’s one of the ways for businesses to hit quotas and goals. While it often gets a bad rep as an ineffective lead generation model, there are some platforms that are a powerful outbound strategy channel, one of which is LinkedIn. Many people use LinkedIn as an outbound channel for sales. LinkedIn has many benefits and advantages as an outbound strategy which many business owners can utilize for their benefit.

Network Growth

It will be helpful for businesses to consider LinkedIn as an outbound channel if they are looking for network growth. This is because LinkedIn exists for the very reason of networking. While it may be difficult to sell to strangers, it will be easier to do business with someone who is within your network range. This is also because people in your network will likely consider you as there is more trust in a network than a cold-calling stranger. LinkedIn is an outbound strategy that provides a way to penetrate through your network and pitch to them. This also means that you get to build relationships with different people, whether it’s industry leaders, peers, or even your competitors to know what they’re up to. LinkedIn is a great outbound strategy to build relationships because you never know there might come a day where you will need these people’s services. People within your network will be more likely to recommend your services and products by tagging you or linking back to you. The possibilities with a LinkedIn outward-bound channel are limitless.

Value Add to Your Network

LinkedIn is a powerful outbound channel to value add to your network of peers and industry leaders.  By having value-adding content on your feed, you can be guaranteed to engage your network and further boost your branding and business image. At each stage of the marketing funnel, LinkedIn functions well as an outbound channel to outreach to people with value-adding content. By value-adding to your network on LinkedIn, you have a higher chance of securing businesses with your network as there is more trust and credibility.

Showcase Social Proof

LinkedIn is a powerful outbound channel because you can showcase different awards and industry prizes that your company may have won. By showcasing social proof, it’s easier for you to use LinkedIn as an outward-bound channel to reach out to prospects within your network. This is because it boosts your company’s profile and image as you highlight the successes of your company. By showcasing your accolades, you build yourself as an industry authoritative figure and build greater trust and engagement in your outward-bound strategy.

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