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Three Email Marketing Templates That Could Double Your Sales
Written by Nicky George on September 24, 2021

Three Email Marketing Templates That Could Double Your Sales

We have all been the recipient of marketing emails, some welcome and some unwelcome. Although you may be unsure whether your business should get onboard with email marketing and risk irritating customers, the trick is to do things right. When you target the right customers and send the most relevant pieces of content straight to their inboxes, you can end up doubling your sales. Read on to find out more about email marketing templates that can help your business.

Understanding Email Marketing 

One important factor to keep in mind about email marketing is that customers have to opt in to receive your emails. They should also have the option to unsubscribe at any point. This ensures that your recipients are people who want to receive your content. Email marketing can serve several purposes, and it doesn’t always have to be about generating sales. For instance, customers who are not ready to convert can benefit from the useful information you provide in your emails, positioning your business at the forefront of their minds when they require your services in the future. 

Email Segmentation Templates

You should never send out a generic email that could apply to anyone. The danger of doing that is that your recipients do not find your content directly relevant to them. When that happens, they can be tempted to click the unsubscribe button. Making use of email segmentation to divide your target audience into a few groups and sending each customized emails is an effective strategy for keeping your business relevant to their needs.

A Series of Email Templates

With every email you send, you should have a goal. This can be simplified to moving a customer from A to B over the entire campaign. Oftentimes, this is not simply achieved through a single email. You may have to send three, four, five emails before that happens. The important thing is to plan for it and map out how each email will push the journey along from awareness to consideration and finally, conversion. 

Awareness Email Templates

Before sending out any email, you should always consider which state of the buying journey your recipient is in. Some businesses may think, mistakenly, that they have to directly promote a good or service in every email. However, this can run the risk of irritating customers who are not ready to convert. For such customers, awareness email templates work the best. Address a common issue faced by this target audience and provide them with some ways to solve the problem.

Raise Awareness and Boost Sales through Email Marketing with SalesHawk

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