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What Makes An Effective Email Subject Line?
Written by Nicky George on December 20, 2021

What Makes An Effective Email Subject Line?

The truth hurts but it’s real: Not everyone who signed up for your monthly mailer is going to click on your mail. It is essential that they click on your email when they see it because if they don’t click on it, you won’t get the sales you want. The worst thing is when they delete the email without reading it. This will ruin your lead generation efforts. One of the ways to get people to click on your email is to have an effective email subject line. By having an effective email subject line, you can boost your click-through rates. At SalesHawk, we highlight what makes an effective email subject line to help boost your email marketing success rates for businesses of all industries.

Addressing Prospect’s Needs

It is easy for businesses to just push their products to prospects and get them to buy them. However, that will not work as the product may not address the prospect’s needs. Or at least, it does not look like it addresses the prospect’s needs. Hence, an effective email subject line involves addressing the prospect’s needs. When the email subject line addresses the prospect’s needs, the open rates are usually higher. They come in different ways, whether it’s to innovate something, change something or improve something. Depending on which is the business development stage, you will need to ensure that you go to the same level as your prospects. An effective email subject line offers solutions to a prospect’s everyday needs rather than push a product to them that they think they don’t need.

Hook Your Prospects

It’s not easy to come up with an email subject line. There are thousands of templates available, and many people use them to the point that it’s a cliché now. However, it requires thought and effort to come up with an effective email subject line. The way to hook your prospects with an effective email subject line is to reveal slightly what they can expect. By using an element of surprise and suspense, your prospects will be kept hooked as it promises something. This is also known as the “curiosity gap” and people will naturally want to satisfy their curious leanings.

Personalize the Email Subject Header

To create an effective email subject line, it’s essential to ensure there’s a high level of personalization in the email subject header. By personalizing the emails, it makes the emails highly relevant, and you can get good results with them. Personalization requires understanding what your prospects need and struggles with. By mentioning their names and what they struggle with, they will feel more understood and engaged.

Good Grammar

The next simple tip to an effective email subject line is to ensure you have good grammar! This is because you have to look professional in your emails for people to even consider you. By ensuring you have good grammar, you are well on your way to crafting an effective email subject line.

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