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SalesHawk operates across multiple industries while utilizing state-of-the-art lead generation tools to increase your revenue. Below you will find a list of industries that SalesHawk covers with an overview of the services we provide.
SaaS Platforms
SaaS platforms will enable your organization to scale rapidly with greater efficiency thanks to lead generation tools that are hyper-targeted. Studies reveal that over eighty percent of American end-users prefer SaaS applications that are cloud-hosted rather than legacy systems.
Financial Services
Financial consultants and institutions require lead generation tools which are innovative so that they can gain real-world profits. The services provided by SalesHawk utilize a multiple channel approach where various resources and tools are used to enhance the sales outreach of your organization.
We provide a variety of essential services for insurance firms, which include CRM-based lead nurturing, social media management, content development, automated workflows, and email campaigns. These services will generate additional leads that are qualified which in turn will result in more sales and superior profit margins.
Medical Devices
The healthcare industry has evolved rapidly due to continuous advancements in technology. However, medical providers who fall behind on the marketing side of things can lose profits to the competition, which is why we offer the latest lead generation tools which will make it easier for patients to locate you. To this end, we will assist you in developing a strategic framework that will help you identify the best client profiles while developing multiple communications methods to reach and remain in contact with them.
Professional Services
SalesHawk has a team of experts who can assist professional service providers across numerous industries. By working with us you will be able to communicate service propositions for individuals or groups that are most qualified. Our representatives are well versed in POS (Point of Sale) systems, online transactional systems, and wireless processing-based terminals.
Successful marketing in the manufacturing sector involves a profound understanding of processes, products, and the people which make each enterprise unique. Our representatives are familiar with automated manufacturing tools and recognize that each requires different strategic methods. By working with us you’ll develop a marketing approach that is perfect for the services and products you provide.
Recruitment and Staffing
In order for your organization to thrive, you’ve got to staff it with the right people. By working with SalesHawk, we will help you implement an attractive marketing plan which will attract superior candidates, which will allow you to fill positions faster while reducing your recruitment costs.
Advisory Services
Our advisory services will develop conclusions, recommendations, and findings which will aid in your decision-making process. This includes things such as operational review, strategic planning, information system requirements, and system analysis.
Sales teams face distinct challenges when it comes to capturing new leads, but our staff at SalesHawk can help you overcome them. This is because we utilize propriety technologies, processes, and strategies which will deliver real results, such as analytics, key market identification, operations planning, customer management, and financial analysis.
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