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Social outreach has become a great way to develop new relationships, boost your engagement and get more content viewership. However, successfully implementing an outreach campaign may be challenging, but below are some expert tips that will get you started on the right path.

How Does Social Outreach Work?

Social outreach involves the usage of platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to increase your brand awareness while growing content and forming new relationships. However, there is a difference between doing this and spamming others, and it is important to know the distinction.

Your goal in using social outreach should be to foment relationships that are genuine and mutually beneficial.  Anyone who sends out dozens or even hundreds of messages to individuals you’ve never actually interacted with and then asking them to share your website or blog is spam, rather than outreach.

Use a Community or Social Media Manager

Those that have the resources should recruit a social media manager. By doing this you’ll have one person focusing on your campaigns who will have the time to personalize them. The person on your team who is responsible for social outreach must be clearly connected to your organization. This should be included in their social media handle as it demonstrates they are legitimate.

Establish Your Goal

Is your campaign designed to promote your blog posts, or do you want to obtain more followers? Before embarking on social outreach, it is essential to know what you want. These goals in turn will determine which approach you use and who you will contact. It will also influence how you develop the prospect list and the method of reaching them. However, try to avoid setting the goals too high during the first campaign, and stick with an objective that is more reasonable.

This could be something as simple as asking a person to distribute your post. Or you might use your social outreach campaign for securing spots in guest blogs. Avoid asking for too much at the outset, because if you’re rejected it will be difficult to return to the same individual later and make an additional request. It is much better to start small and then go big later on when the time is right.

Build Your Prospect List

Randomly joining social media sites and then contacting everyone and anyone is ineffective and might eventually get you banned.  Plus, it will be difficult to track progress. You want to be strategic, identifying people who would most likely respond favorably to your industry and brand, especially influencers who already have a following. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using a tool called Buzzsumo.

When using Buzzsumo, open up its Influencer tab. Here you can look for influencers based on keyword or topic. You will want to input keywords that are specific to the industry you operate in. For example, a developer who is making an online game and wants to promote it could use Buzzsumo to search for gamers who have a following and could promote their game via live stream.

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